Hammer Toe Exercises Hammertoe Pain Relief And Corrector Diy Your Exercises

Why you need hammer toe exercises?

Hammer Toe Exercises could help Hammertoe Pain Relief And Corrector You can Diy Your Exercises suitable for youself

Hammer toe causes main reason 

Foot wear too tight the muscles in the toes can’t stretch out !

How to do hammer toe exercises to reduce your Feet pain

Here the ways:

Try to seperate your toes from each other. Hold for 1 sec and then relax

curl your toes in and extend them back whilst spreading them out.

This will work on your feet muscles and the foot arch too. Hold the tor culed in for 1 sec them release

Gently mobilise your toes in a circular motion with your fingers.

Remember to go clockwise and anti-cloth soak your feet in warm – hot water if it;s a achin due to the weather

have a elastic band wrapped round your big toe

Video youtube

With your toes pick up the Rubber balls in the bowl

Video at youtube

1 minimize time in deforming footwear go bare foot when possible bring flats or sandals , with room to spread your toes

2 Roll to release plantar fascia keep some balls under your desk use larger,softer balls if your feet hurt use smaller harder balls for more focused pressure roll side-to-side and back-and-forth it should feel like a great massage,not painful

3 Toe extensor and bunion stretches

Training your feet muscle pick it up and loose it

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